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Ard Matthews and Friends Benefit Concert with MyLife Foundation is set to Rock Cape Town


Ard Matthews and Friends Benefit Concert
Upper EastSide Hotel, Woodstock
25th August 2011
Tickets: R150

Tickets for this rocking charity concert can be purchased through www.webtickets.co.za for R150, which will include a welcome drink on arrival generously supplied by Nederburg and Peroni.

On the 25th August 2011 the annual Ard Matthews & Friends Benefit Concert with the MYLIFE Foundation will take place at the Upper EastSide Hotel, Woodstock.  This amazing concert will be headlined by Ard Matthews who will be joined by fellow artists  Zolani from Freshlyground, D7, Louise Day, Laudo Liebenberg, lead singer from aKing and Dino Moran as DJ, who will all be contributing their time and talent to this worthy cause.

The MyLife Foundation is an organization that is close to Ard Matthew’s heart and one that strives to make a difference in the lives of the children and youth of South Africa. This year all concert ticket sales and money raised through the auction will go to the Ubuntu Village Project. The MyLife foundation has worked tirelessly to ensure that the marginalized and addicted children and youth of South Africa get off the streets and are rehabilitated back into society but they have now reached the point where they are overwhelmed by the enormity of the task and have decided to take a different approach. This is where the Ubuntu Villages (meaning ‘a call for participation’) comes into play.

MyLife plans to incorporate the UBUNTU approach into their strategy, which uses a positive and uplifting environment for much of the transformation work since the home environment is often a challenge in itself. What makes the Ubuntu Village so special is that it gives the regenerated youth the opportunity to go back to their home communities and effect change among the children and youth, essentially paying it forward. However, projects like these take resources and dedication, which is why Ard Matthews and the artists who will stand with him will be entertaining the masses in an effort to make the Ubuntu Villages a success.
Special thanks must also go to Upper EastSide for providing the amazing venue, Wings Group will be setting up a Candy Shop and will be selling all their delicious products for R5 only, of which all the proceeds will go to MyLife.