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Worldwide Freedom Project

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Freedom is one of the most often used/abused concepts of our time. It is used to wage wars to free people, to mark differences between cultures and religions to defend policies, to herald the free market and the related idea of freedom to consume.
On 30th March 2011 Marion Bloem invited poets, translators, writers and artists from all over the world to volunteer by translating her poem. One month later 30 translations were available.

There are still new people – translators, poets, professional authors, filmmakers and artists from all over the world joining our Freedom Project every day – people who use their network to inspire friends to contribute to this project. Many stories are there to be told. Some translators live far away from the city, out of reach and have no computer, no internet.
 At this moment we are looking for poets and translators who would like to volunteer our project by writing a translation of Marion's poem "Vrijheid" (Freedom) into Xhosa, Zulu, African English or other languages spoken in South Africa.