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Bridesmaids is not just a chick flick

Reney Warrington - 2011-07-15

Bridesmaids is not a chick flick just because there’s a lot of chicks in it! It will appeal to anyone with a slightly twisted sense of humour and a tendency toward the politically incorrect. I fitted the bill and loved every minute of it.

In a nutshell
After losing her boyfriend and small bakery, Annie’s life is in limbo. She stops baking and, well, aimlessly sleeps around. When her best friend gets engaged and seemingly moves on without her to the next level, all hell breaks loose.

Mood of the film
Off the wall.

Best one-liner
Annie: You read my diary?
Brynn, Annie’s incredibly dodgy roommate: At first I did not know it was your diary, I thought it was a very sad handwritten book.

Best performance
Although Rose Byrne (who starred in Damages opposite Glenn Close) put in a brilliant performance as the oh-so-fake-but-perfect new best friend, Helen, the Oscar goes to Kristen Wiig, who is known for her brilliant sketches on Saturday Night Live. This chick is not scared to humiliate herself onscreen.

Most powerful scene
The wedding dress scene. The airplane scene. The chocolate fondue scene. The driving up and down past the cop scene … You get my point.

What makes the film relevant today?
It makes us laugh and it makes us value our friends, even when they go off their heads and wrestle a giant cookie to the ground.

On the final episode of Saturday Night Live Kristen performed a skit with Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga. Find it on YouTube. It’s called “Liquorville”.

Rotten  Tomatoes Score

My score