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Thousands of New Research Resources Available in Cape Town’s Public Libraries


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 Library-users throughout the City of Cape Town will have free and unlimited access to world-leading educational resources from Encyclopædia Britannica, through a new initiative launched today.

The Library & Information Services Department of the City of Cape Town has entered into a multi-year licensing agreement with the world-renowned encyclopaedia to provide its trusted digital content for free, to 101 libraries throughout the City, via Jacklin Enterprises.

Library users will have immediate access to three age-related Britannica databases – Primary Britannica for ages 5-11, Britannica Student for ages 12-18 and Britannica Online for adults. They provide a wide range of features including thousands of fully-indexed articles, an extensive range of video and audio clips, links to other reference sources including magazines and news headlines and thousands of images.

Library users who are registered to use the City’s public access network, known as SmartCape, will have immediate access to these resources.

As part of the partnership, Britannica will be visiting Cape Town in July to train library staff to use the service in a series of interactive sessions.  These sessions will ensure library members can make the most of the extensive range of research materials available in Britannica Online.

Encyclopædia Britannica was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1768 with the aim of publishing clear, current and correct information, based on a scientific approach to knowledge. Today it is one of the most trusted online encyclopædia, with a diverse range of online and mobile products, all adhering to its founding principles.

Brenda Kyle Library Collection Development Officer said: “the great advantage of online resources is constantly updated and is therefore more accurate than the book versions can ever be”.

Caroline Kennard, Director of Education at Encyclopædia Britannica said: “As part of our commitment to raising education standards globally, we’re delighted to be working with the Library & Information Services Department of the City of Cape Town.

“Through our shared goals of delivering quality education provision in the Cape, we’re confident that we can help play a major role in inspiring learners of all ages and improve access to high-quality educational resources.”


Notes to Editors:

About Encyclopædia Britannica:

Britannica was founded in Edinburgh in 1768 at the height of the period of European history known as the “Enlightenment”. Its aim was to publish clear, current and correct information, based on a scientific approach to knowledge.

It is the most comprehensive and oldest continuously published reference work in the English language and is revered worldwide for its editorial integrity. Britannica strives to help its users become confident global citizens, by delivering expert and up-to-date knowledge and being global leaders in providing a source for life-long learning.

Encyclopædia Britannica (UK) Ltd is a subsidiary of Encyclopædia Britannica Inc. who are leading providers of learning and knowledge products. Britannica is proud to be one of the world's most trusted sources of information.

In 2011 Encyclopædia Britannica was named as one of the UK’s most respected brands in the annual Consumer Superbrand Survey. Britannica was one of only eight media reference companies to make the top 500 brands in the UK and was the only one to be listed in the top 50.

About Britannica Online & Mobile:

Today Encyclopædia Britannica has a larger and more diverse line of online and mobile products than ever before. Our outlook is shaped by our tradition of excellence and an understanding of what knowledge seekers need in the digital age.

Britannica's most comprehensive online product is the Online Academic Edition, which delivers relevant, web-based content for further and higher education. It is continuously updated, revised and developed with new articles, allowing its users to research confidently with expert information and a host of research tools designed to support advanced study.

Beyond the Online Academic Edition, Britannica continues to develop an extensive range of online products aimed at all levels of the curriculum.

In 2002 Britannica introduced Britannica Online School Edition, a comprehensive reference and education service specially designed for primary and secondary schools. It has undergone several significant upgrades in the years since. Aspects of the product are available on the Guardian’s Teacher Resources site.

In 2006 Britannica introduced Britannica Online Public Library Edition, delivering three products in one, including separate home pages for adults, students, and children.  The product allows libraries to tailor the product to their patrons' needs.

In 2011 Britannica launched six titles in a series of educational mobile applications for children. The Ancient Romans, Ancient Egypt, Solar System, Volcanoes, Rainforests and Dinosaurs apps will be followed by a further 60 project-based programmes later in the year.

Image Quest was launched in January 2011 to provide one million digital images to universities, colleges and schools. Fully rights-cleared for educational use, Image Quest brings together collections from the National Geographic, Getty Images, and Oxford Scientific and many others, into an easy-to-use online portal. 


About Jacklin Enterprises:
Jacklin Enterprises is a long established publisher of children’s fiction and non-fiction in South Africa. They are also distributors of Encyclopaedia Britannica print titles in the region. Jacklin recently teamed up with Encyclopaedia Britannica to deliver the Encyclopaedia Britannica On-line solution to South African Libraries.