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Emergence Exhibition

L’ormarins, Franschoek - 6 – 27 March 2007 - 2007-02-14

Objectives of the Emergence Exhibition
- To explore through art one of the most urgent issues of our time – the destruction of the environment and its consequences to the human psyche.
- To break new ground by redefining the context in which sculpture is traditionally shown.
- To create an exhibition of world class quality that will launch in South Africa and travel internationally.
The Theme of the Exhibition and its Meaning
“All the artworks in this exhibition are inspired by an emergence in my consciousness of the fundamental importance of wilderness to the human spirit.
      In some figures I explore the profound sense of longing, remembrance, awakening and renewal I experience during sojourns in the wilderness. In other areas I express the anguish, foreboding and loss I have felt while watching substantial tracts of wilderness disappear during my lifetime. Everywhere people are debating with mounting urgency and alarm as the effects of the destruction of our environment become physically and psychologically evident.
      Like the wilderness that inspires them, these sculptures are enigmatic. Animal forms merge with human anatomy evoking rich mythological and psychological clusters of meaning.”
Dylan Lewis

Emergence – an Exhibition with a Difference

Sculpture is usually displayed as a stand-alone object in a gallery without any point of reference for the visitor - other than, perhaps, a short explanatory paragraph on a wall.

The difference with the Emergence exhibition is that the visitor will be drawn into the creative process. They will be taken on an intriguing journey, moving from one film installation to another where the sculptures appear as cinematic images exploring some of the ideas that influenced their making. In other places, visitors will experience the heat and roar of the furnace as they watch a bronze casting filmed in 3D, or step into the artist's studio to touch and feel the raw materials of sculpture: clay, wax, plaster and bronze.

About the Artist
Dylan Lewis is in his early forties, a second-generation South African artist whose grandparents moved from the United Kingdom to South Africa at the turn of the 19th century.
For the last decade, working from his Stellenbosch studio, Lewis has focused extensively on the Cat, particularly the leopard, lion and cheetah. Over this time he has exhibited his work across the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom and in South Africa. In 2007, Dylan Lewis is to become the first living artist to have a solo exhibition at Christie's of London.
It is said that his sculptures define the very dynamics of the wild kingdom; predation and the predator, instinct and primeval impulse, life, death and rebirth. These qualities are no less present in his recent work: a sensitive exploration of the human form.
With an abiding passion for wilderness and the forces that shape it, Lewis in his sculptures touches the elemental, the pristine, the primitive and the subconscious.
Luleka Mtongana
Cutting Edge Marketing & Communications