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The Wizard of Fu : Fun and laughs for children, by children

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The Wizard of Fu
Joburg Promusica Main Auditorium
Sunday, July 8th and 9th: 11:00
Tickets: R60
Children: R50
Bookings of 10 and more: R40 per person

Dorothy’s crazy mission

The Wizard Of Fu is a fun, updated version of the well-known show ‘The Wizard Of Oz’. After landing in the Land Of Fu after a storm, Dorothy from the small town of Kroonstad, goes on a journey to find the Wizard, to help her get home. All is not well in the land, however. People are missing things. The Lion is missing his courage, Mr Tin has lost his heart, and The Scarecrow has lost his dancing skills. And, worse yet, Miley Cyrus has lost Hannah Montana and Justin Beiber has lost his voice! Dorothy kindly takes it upon herself to put everything right and, in the process, finds herself caught up in a wacky adventure of song, dance and wild antics!

Who is Fu?

The story is linked together by an upcoming new band called Sergeant Fu. Sergeant Fu burst onto the music scene in 2010 with their internationally successful World Cup song “Vuvuzela”. Their eagerly awaited album will hit the stores in April, and their music also appears in the soundtrack selection of the upcoming new movie ‘Superhelde’. Sergeant Fu has introduced a new genre of music to the world called ‘Feel Good’. As this would suggest, their aim is to bring light and happiness into people’s lives. Their music provides the ideal accompaniment to this colourful, funky and upbeat show.

Our children – our pride and joy

The show is produced by StageWorx performing arts and Journey School of Arts, in association with The Joburg Promusica Theatre.

All show profits will be going to Journey, a fulltime arts school for children with special needs, to raise funds for much-needed equipment. The two schools have collaborated to produce a professional quality production that is suitable for the whole family, and is sure to warm your heart and leave a broad smile on your face.

There is a tendency to separate children with special needs into their own schools, and this makes sense in terms of the kind of attention and teaching methods they require. StageWorx recognises, however, that children are children, no matter what their specific needs, and youngsters from special needs schools need to mix with other children their age, as there is so much that they can learn from each other.

Families are asked to come and support this wonderful initiative, and group bookings are currently being taken for schools and churches.

For more information on the Journey School of Arts, or to book your tickets, please contact Gemma on [email protected]

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