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Sing ’it: DJ Cleo’s advice for writers

DJ Cleo - 2011-09-16


Where do you begin writing a song/finding lyrics for a song? The chorus, the first line, the overall theme, etc?

It depends on the mood, theme and concept. Ideally, premeditated songs are the easiest to compose. Making songs is like building a house – the more preplanned, the easier; the less organised, the less directional.


What does a typical song structure of yours look like – how many lines, where does the chorus fit in, etc?

I try to stick to standard understandable blueprints (that would be instrumental), then chorus, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, instrumental (breather/break), then last chorus, and instruments  lead out.

How do you know when a song’s lyrics are complete?

When they make sense and tell a story of sorts without leaving the listener or me with a question mark.

What do potential songwriters need to keep in mind when writing a song for the competition?

Relevance, catchiness, the listener must wanna hear more and talk about it to the next. Word of mouth is powerful.

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