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Sing 'it interview with DJ Cleo

DJ Cleo - 2011-09-16


Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever written/composed a song?

"The Facebook song" was written on a flight to Cape Town after I bumped into two of my exes on the same flight and one of them said, "I’ll inbox you on FB coz you aren’t answering my calls."

Which local band’s songwriting shows consistent quality?

I rate Zion (Liquiddeep) and Pro-kid.

What themes particularly interest you at this stage of your career?

Themes that people wanna hear or sing about. It's never about me. My personal themes wouldn't sell.

What is the best song you’ve ever written/composed?

It's gotta be my biggest hit to date, "wena ngihamba Nawe". It’s the first song I ever deliberately sang on.


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