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Sing ’it

Sing ’it | Photos: On the set of TV ad 1

Imke van Heerden - 2011-09-07

Photos: Imke van Heerden
Text: Steyn du Toit
Film and production: The Suits
Actors: Deon Lotz and Adam Donnelly

At the break of dawn on Friday the 24th of June, the LitNet project team for Sing ’it gathered at the LitNet offices for the shoot of the official advertisements/virals for LitNet and Sanlam’s new initiative, Sing ’it.

Director Derick Muller and his team from The Suits joined the LitNet team on set. The Suits are the brain behind the recent production of high-end, movie style, book trailers for NB Publishers and also renowned for their work on the POMP advertisements. 

Veteran actor Deon Lotz (Roepman and Skoonheid) is the lead in all three advertisements. The ads all contain an element of surprise - Lotz’s character never sees the artist/band until later and upon their reveal, he displays an expression of shock and confusion.

Shot in the LitNet office in Stellenbosch, the first advert reveals an office scene displaying an ‘office nerd’ (Donnelly) supposedly working late. A colleague (Lotz) walks by and enquires about his late hours at the office, to which he responds that he is in fact writing lyrics for Jax Panik, to enter for Sing ’it. Jax Panik is also sitting with him in the office.

The Suits-filming team sets up for the shoot.
Testing one, two, three ...
And ... action!
Deon Lotz, director Derick Muller and Adam Donnelly share a joke.
The 'nerd' is hard at work.
Deon Lotz's character is in for a big surprise ...
A smug Jax Panik with his pink comb and pearls.
Adam Donnelly and Jax Panik during the shoot.
Derick Muller directs the next scene. Deon Lotz
Adam Donnelly
Adam Donnelly and Rachelle Crous takes a break.
Deon Lotz and Jax Panik
Adam Donnelly, Deon Lotz and Jax Panik
The floor, Deon Lotz and Jax Panik
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