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Sing ’it: Dance You're on Fire’s advice for writers

Dance You're on Fire - 2011-09-07


Where do you begin writing a song/finding lyrics for a song? The chorus, the first line, the overall theme, etc?

Generally a song will start with an idea – a riff or a chord structure for the intro – and we’ll build it from there. Sometimes I’ll write 90 percent of the structure and then bring it into practice, where we jam it out and add colour to the arrangement.

What does a typical song structure of yours look like – how many lines, where does the chorus fit in, etc?

The typical pop song consists of an intro, verse, chorus,  verse, chorus, middle eight and a final chorus. We usually stick to this formula for songs that we think have potential to be released as singles, but we also like to deviate from that a little for other tracks on the album.

How do you know when a song’s lyrics are complete?

You never know when they’re complete. Eventually you just have to settle for what you have on paper. I’m a fan of not overthinking lyrics.

What do potential songwriters need to keep in mind when writing a song for the competition?

Just to be completely and utterly honest – and look for the hook!

What's the one topic you've always wanted to cover in a song?

I wouldn’t say there’s one topic I would love to cover. I just write whatever comes up.

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