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A great song with great lyrics: Gareth Allison from Gravity Wins Again suggests ...

Gareth Allison - 2011-09-07


“Message in a Bottle” by The Police.

There've been so many amazing songwriters over the years (Lennon and McCartney pretty much showed the world how to do it right!), but for me there's always been something special about The Police. Sure, Sting may be better known these days for his solo forays into world music, but back in the ‘70s and early ‘80s he and his band dominated radios everywhere with a string of masterfully written pop/rock songs.

Everyone always thinks of "Roxanne" or "Every Breath You Take", but for me "Message In A Bottle" is a timeless classic. The immediately recognisable guitar line, great melodies, dynamics and perfect arrangement just make this song a total classic. Among a heap of chart-topping hits, this one definitely stands out.