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Sing ’it: Jax Panik’s advice for writers

Jax Panik - 2011-09-07


Where do you begin writing a song/finding lyrics for a song? The chorus, the first line, the overall theme, etc?

It depends. Mostly it starts out with a hook of some sort, either a melody or a lyrical hook, and we’d repeat that over and over and build on it with other ideas until it becomes a full song. Sometimes a chorus comes first, sometimes a chorus becomes a verse, sometimes we write three different choruses before we are happy. The song kind of takes you in the direction it wants to go – it gives you a vibe from the start.


What does a typical song structure of yours look like – how many lines, where does the chorus fit in, etc?

The typical verse, chorus, verse, chorus structure applies, but we try to keep things interesting by adding breakdowns, solos, long outros etc.

How do you know when a song’s lyrics are complete?

When you have exhausted every possible option, reconsidered every single sentence, made sure that every word is used in the right context, that the story is told in a way that makes sense, and that you are proud of what you are putting out there.

What do potential songwriters need to keep in mind when writing a song for the competition?

There has to be inherent rhythm to what you’ve written – that will help putting it to music. Keep it simple, don’t try to be too smart. Avoid clichés, and don’t plagiarise!

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