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Sing ’it: iScream and the Chocolate Stix’s advice for writers

iScream & the Chocolate Stix - 2011-09-07


Where do you begin writing a song/finding lyrics for a song? The chorus, the first line, the overall theme, etc?

I normally pick up a tune while in the shower and it could start with a hook, a chorus, a bridge – so it really is a spontaneous choice.


What does a typical song structure of yours look like – how many lines, where does the chorus fit in, etc?

What the structures look like? Ok, 8, 12, even 14 bars of verse; first chorus 8 bars leading into bridge coming out of hook that hits back into the verse!!

How do you know when a song’s lyrics are complete?

You know when you know. A song is never really perfect – there’s always something new you can find, but time is money.

What do potential songwriters need to keep in mind when writing a song for the competition?

Let it flow, baby let it flow. Be like water. Come natural! If you’re going to sell ice to an Eskimo ... make sure its flavoured!

What's the one topic you've always wanted to cover in a song?

Look Mama, I made it.

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