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Sing ’it

Sing ’it interview with Niskerone and SFR

Niskerone and SFR - 2011-09-06


Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever written/composed a song?

We once had a really tight deadline to finish off a track and a full weekend of shows around South Africa. We ended up writing most of the track on a flight from Cape Town to Durban and in the club during sound check before the show that night.

Which local band’s songwriting shows consistent quality?

Some of the local artists we really like are Mix 'n Blend, Jack Parow and Sibot. They've all raised the bar and are competing at an international level.

What themes particularly interest you at this stage of your career?

Summer is nearly upon us, so something that can evoke that warm summer feeling would really interest us right now.

What is the best song you’ve ever written/composed?

We write a lot of music and it's difficult to choose just one as the stand-out favourite; however, "Shut it down" has been getting a lot of attention abroad and great responses from dance floors over the past year.

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