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Sing ’it

Sing ’it interview with Karen Zoid

Karen Zoid - 2011-09-06


Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever written/composed a song?

I wrote “Small Room” in the toilet in the backstage bathroom at Firken in Centurion.

Which local band’s songwriting shows consistent quality?

Soul Brothers!

What themes particularly interest you at this stage of your career?

My interests change a couple of times a day.

What is the best song you’ve ever written/composed?

I’m working on it at the moment. Hehe.

"Small Room" by Karen Zoid

Clothes, clothes are all dirty
And we know that
We’ll have to find a way
To the closest Laundromat

Well I knew I was in a hotel room
When I saw the painting on the wall
Like a scene out of a Mills and Boon
Like a rip-off of a Tretchikoff

Tow lonely boats next to the sea
A seagull flying, a house and a tree
And I looked at you
And you looked at me
And I thought to myself

[Chorus] x2

I’ll get stuck in a small room with you
any day, any day now


How I know you
How I’d show you

Shows, shows are so many
In every different place
Place your faith in another
I’ll be there to help keep face

Well, I wish I would say what I really mean
But the words arrange me in between
If you could read my mind, If you could read my soul
I’d never have to let you know
I’d never have to let you know

[Interlude] x2
I’ll be your friend forever, boy
Even when we act so clever, boy


[Chorus] x9

I’ll get stuck in a small room with you
any day, any day
any day now


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