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Sing ’it

Sing 'it: Dance, You’re on Fire

Dance You're on Fire - 2011-07-12


Dance, You’re on Fire is a four-piece South African band which strives to fuse the best of rock and indie while consistently focusing on interesting song-writing and creativity within music.

Although the band members have been writing and performing together since 2007, it was only in 2010 that they truly began to attract attention both locally and internationally.

In early 2010 Dance, You’re on Fire released their first single, “Blockade”, to radio. The track was picked up by a number of radio stations nationally and also earned the band an MK Awards 2011 nomination for Best Newcomer.

Following the success of “Blockade”, Dance, You’re on Fire released their debut album, Secret Chiefs, in South Africa on February 22nd, 2011 through Southern Pulse. The album was bolstered by the band’s third single release, “Boxes of Tigers”.

The track was received extremely well and charted in the South African Top 40 while claiming number one positions on a number of influential radio stations such as Jacaranda, Algoa FM, Tuks FM, MFM, Kovsie FM and Puk FM.

Dance, You’re on Fire also attracted significant media coverage from the likes of Heat magazine, 5FM, MK, e tv, Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Saltwater Girl and Sondag newspaper.

Following this the band signed with Revolver Promotions in Germany to promote the track to European radio. Secret Chiefs was to be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on 10th July through Southern Pulse.

The band is well known for energetic live performances and places an enormous amount of emphasis on touring regularly and relentlessly. In addition to this, Dance, You’re on Fire has performed at several of South Africa’s most popular festivals, including Oppikoppi and RAMfest.