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Sing ’it

Sing 'it: iScream & the Chocolate Stix

iScream & the Chocolate Stix - 2011-07-12


iScream & the Chocolate Stix are bringing their fresh sound to the world at large with music destined to be "all over the map". They take audiences through an eclectic mix of electro, rock, dance, folk and hip hop, incorporating their signature style and sound inspired by some of the best bands around the world.

iScream & the Chocolate Stix are described as musical innovators whose diverse genres defy boundaries. These multi-genre musicians have their debut single, “My Cape Town”, already playing on national public radio and are also enjoying great success with the music video of the debut single. This is only a taste of what can be expected from their debut album, The Paradox.

The band was formed in 2009 and began with its lead vocalists Bheki Dladla and Luke Viviers, who, before forming the band, had already established a name for themselves in the acting, modelling and fashion industries. Since the founding of iScream & the Chocolate Stix they’ve put all else aside, focused on the music and spent tireless hours writing, producing, arranging and recording their wide repertoire of songs for the album The Paradox.

"When we finally stepped out of the recording session and realised what we had just made, we were surprised to find the amount energy that was pouring out of the speakers considering how exhausted we were while in studio!" they said. For the next few months they dedicated hours conceptualising and recording the rest of the album.

Rightfully named “The Genius” by the band, lead producer on the record Daniel Mathee has had a prolific career in the music score production industry and has worked on television commercials for renowned brands such as Yardley London, Sissy Boy, Johnny Walker, Liquifruit and an array of local and international movies and TV series.

With the addition of band instrumentalist Tony Shine on bass guitar and Nathan Rudnick on lead the concept for the band has found its completion. Tony Shine, a seasoned bass guitarist lending to the groove, and Nathan Rudnick bringing his rock ‘n roll influence, are the two contributing forces that make iScream & the Chocolate Stix one of the most distinctive bands that you are likely to find … Period!

iScream & the Chocolate Stix have received acclaim from audiences they’ve entertained on stages ranging from a Converse product launch to the 2010 Fifa fan park stages, and have also received praise for the live performance aired on the popular daytime youth TV show Hectic Nine9, also reinforced by the response of their Women’s Show performance featured in the 2010 May edition of Elle magazine. All the compositions are original, and the group is now rapidly becoming recognised as one of the freshest additions to the music scene.

When questioned about the name of the band, they laugh and say, “The clever play on words always gets a reaction. Most think of the name as being quirky, but when they listen to the music and respond the way they always do, all jokes aside they know we are here to stay.”

Performances by iScream & the Chocolate Stix always include energy and exciting interplay between band members, epitomising what great live music is all about.