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Sing 'it: Dans Dans Lisa

Dans Dans Lisa - 2011-07-12


Dans Dans Lisa is an all-Afrikaans acoustic outfit created by two rock-band frontmen, Bouwer Bosch and Deon Meiring, from the massive South African rock bands Straatligkinders and Glaskas respectively. This group, doing live shows with only acoustic guitars and percussion instruments, joined forces in September 2009 when both band members decided that they had a lot of acoustic songs that did not suit their rock genres. They did a few corporate shows together and decided that they just had to start an acoustic side project. Dans Dans Lisa, being the featured band on the Rock-Off compilation album, is currently being playlisted on campus stations across South Africa. Their music video "My Eks(kuus)" saw more than 30 000 views in 2010. In December 2010 they also released their first full-length album, Die Gids vir Grootword.