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Die ANC se aanslag op skrif – 11/11/2010: Vavi – ''Crash the walls of division''



Zwelinzima Vavi se antwoord aan Vrye Woord.

Received 11 November

Dear Charles

Thank you for a rather heartening letter. I truly appreciate that more and more South Africans are crashing the walls of division that were designed to keep them apart. More importantly, there is a just a set of values accruing from our Constitution that should unite us irrespective of other differences of opinion we will always have, including at the ideological level.

Thank you once more.




Reply 11 November

Dear Zwelinzima 

Thank you for your answer; I will pass it on to all other members of Vrye Woord / Free Word. We should indeed see the values enshrined in the Constitution as our main uniting guidelines.

We would also like to add that we fully endorse COSATU’s endeavour to engage and support civil society organisations. This is one of the most important means of strengthening our young democracy and avoiding the interference of ideology and politics. An excellent example is the way many organisations have united against the suppression of freedom. We trust you will continue your resistance; we certainly will do so.



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