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Die ANC se aanslag op skrif – 20/10/2010: Polisiekriminaliteit móét na vervolger gaan

Loammi Wolf - 2010-10-20

Polisiekriminaliteit móét na vervolger gaan
– Loammi Wolf

20 Oktober, 2010

In ’n artikel, “Media tribunal: Why access to the courts is important” wat in die nuusbrief opgeneem is, het Loammi Wolf kapsie gemaak daarteen dat die ANC die howe en die staatsaanklaers omseil. Sy berig soos volg oor die jongste stand van sake:

Ek het onder meer ook verwys na die wetsontwerp, waarin magsmisbruik en kriminaliteit van die polisie deur die “Independent Police Investigative Directorate” ondersoek moet word, maar dat dit dan in die diskresie van die minister is of sulke kriminele optrede vir vervolging aan die staatsaanklaers oorhandig gaan word. Ek het geargumenteer dat dit ’n bedekte manier is om kriminele aanspreeklikheid van staatsamptenare te ontduik en hulle bloot aan departementele dissiplinêre prosedures te onderwerp (dit was ’n verwysing na art 6(4) van die wetsontwerp). En siedaar, die wetsontwerp is intussen verander en lees nou in art 7(4) dat kriminele optrede van die polisie na die staatsaanklaers vir vervolging verwys “moet” word. Die ministeriële diskresie het dus in die nuutste teks weggeval en die direktoraat moet nou bloot die minister daaroor inlig.

Dit is heeltemal moontlik dat die versoenende gebare van adjunkpresident Motlanthe dalk ook verklaar kan word vanuit die perspektief dat hulle dalk besef het dat die beoogde mediatribunaal nie in die skeiding van magte kan inpas op die manier wat hulle hul dit voorgestel het nie. Dit wys net dat openbare fokus en beligting van sulke probleme dalk tog ’n positiewe effek kan hê.

  • Loammi Wolf het besluit dat sy vanweë haar neutrale posisie as regsgeleerde liefs nie langer in die nuusbrief se redaksie wil dien nie. Sy sal egter steeds bydra. Vrye Woord bedank haar vir haar waardevolle en insiggewende bydraes.


Nzimande on the media: A reply
– Phillip Dexter

15 October, 2010

Phillip Dexter says the SACP GS needs to examine his own conduct.
I read Blade Nzimande’s attack on the media as usual with regard to his interventions in public debate, with a sense of amazement. Can someone who claims to be a Marxist be so naive as to think we are all as naive and ready to hand over freedom of speech to the ANC-led Alliance?

The once creeping Zanufication of the ANC has now become a veritable “Zunami”. In the first place, “mediapreneurship” is not a scientific concept. It is certainly not a Marxist concept! It is just a play on words, based on the success of the “tenderpreneur” caricature projected by the SACP against its claimed class enemies.

These are called class enemies by the SACP simply because they do not share their spoils with the SACP, as some others in business do.

But let us examine Nzimande’s arguments. He claims Zuma has had to seek redress in the courts against the media and that certain journalists are up for sale. That may well be true, but it’s not reason enough to interfere with our hard-won freedoms as Nzimande and his ilk seek to do. Zuma has been lampooned, has been the butt of jokes and satire, but then he has only himself to blame for this. A tribunal will not stop Zuma from making bad decisions. Therefore the tribunal cannot stop the media from reporting these to the public.

His claim that self-regulation has not worked is unsubstantiated. I have had my run-ins with the press. The Ombud always follows these complaints up. We can all agree that apologies and corrections should be given more profile – perhaps we can insist that these are given on the front page or at the start of any broadcast. That journalists allegedly took money from ANC politicians, Nzimande’s own organisation, is now well known. But Nzimande does not explain how a tribunal will correct this sort of thing. The remedy for such criminal behaviour can only be found in the courts and in the political party concerned.

Like other measures that the ANC, SACP and COSATU have pushed for, the truth is that this tribunal is not designed to deal with the issue claimed, but to cover up for useless and corrupt politicians in government. Just as the Scorpions were shut down to shield corrupt ANC, SACP and COSATU leaders, so too is this measure designed to muzzle those who usually expose them.

Good journalists, such as those that have exposed Zuma, Nyanda, Nzimande and others, are the target of this proposed body. Nzimande’s argument is disingenuous since, ironically, he has benefited substantially from the freedom of the press in his own rise to power and notoriety. The fact that City Press will even publish such an attack on other press and itself is proof of the fact that our media is a platform accessible to all.

Nzimande is himself an accomplished practitioner of two tendencies he claims such a tribunal will address. The first is manipulation of the press. Nzimande’s well-known cosy relationship with a certain journalist contributed significantly to the agenda that led to the ousting of former president Mbeki and the installation of his successor.

The entire claim by Zuma, Nzimande and others, of a political conspiracy was in fact a fiction peddled by some in the press on their behalf. The second is making unsubstantiated allegations. I, and many others, have been on the receiving end of Nzimande’s well-articulated but fabricated gossip peddled as reliable about us.

This is part of the political process as it is now established in our country, as has been the tendency in many revolutions as they degenerate. A media tribunal will not stop such tendencies. All it will do is strengthen those in power, such as Nzimande. We must all rally in defence of our freedoms and against the Zanufication of our country. We must mobilise all South Africans with the slogan "Hands off the Media and Hands off our Freedom of Speech!"

  • Phillip Dexter is COPE’s head of communication.
The real problem with the media - Manamela
– Buti Manamela

18 October 2010

YCL national secretary says an independent press must take a developmental posture.


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