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Angifi Dladla - 2010-10-13


Last night I hovered over the mortals.
One was soft snores, the other a pharaoh
in stiffness.

I wasted no time. Up through the ceiling
I defied gravity. For weeks I had prepared
for this upflight!

Somewhere in another realm
two creatures stood in my way. Call them
creatures, those monsterlets.

Each carried plate-like lips: king-size round trays
stuck to each, cumbersome
to those bodies.

Like frilled lizards the creatures stormed at me.
Lips burst open, displaying a furnace
with flaming teeth.

“Monsters, monsterlets!” I charged,
“All my life, alone, I have been
venturing out …” Off they backed like hyenas.

I resumed my voyage.
Screeches, menace: Those creatures again.
“I am God! I am God!” I declared.

Tails melted away with legs and all.
Lips, like hairs in the grave, survived. Peacefully,
I continued my voyage ...