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Die ANC se aanslag op skrif – 11/10/2010: Should the ANC silence the Malalas, not the Malemas?


Should the ANC silence the Malalas, not the Malemas?

A fascinating debate is developing between contributors to Times Live and the ANC cadres. Read more, with links, on the Times Live web page: http://www.timeslive.co.za/ and Politics Web: http://www.politicsweb.co.za/. Here are some paragraphs relevant to press and information freedom.


The ANC did not set us free
By Justice Malala, Oct 3, 2010

(. . .) 
Meanwhile, the ANC was detaining and then poisoning the young leader Thami Zulu. (Pallo) Jordan may be interested to know that Zulu's bosses in that ANC, and the people who still won't say what happened to him and many others, are now snugly in Cabinet giving us legislation such as the Protection of Information Bill.

An ANC that can behave so abominably towards its own members, in a faraway place of hurt and loneliness, is not the noble beast Jordan tries to portray. I am empathetic to - and even love - the real ANC, the one Jordan turns his face away from: it is fallible, it is aware that it is open to abuse by people within its ranks and it is humble in its enjoyment of the freedoms that we, the people of South Africa and the world, fought so hard for. This is the ANC that values a free press.

Justice Malala a disgrace to journalism - ANC

ANC Today
10 October 2010
(. . .)
The Times and others have been at pains to prevent a public discussion about media transformation and accountability. They had a nerve even to instruct the ANC to remove the discussion on media ownership and transformation from the agenda of its National General Council. They failed in this attempt and even on brandishing to society the ANC’s alleged attempt to muzzle the press and thereby curb so-called media freedom.

It is not surprising that now space is given without thought and consideration of facts to publicly attack the ANC in such a dishonest, insulting and hurtful manner.

If this is not another naked display of abuse of trust bestowed on Justice Malala and media to exercise their role in society to inform, educate and shape opinions of society, we do not know what it is. It affirms our view that we need to help the media to play its meaningful role in the building of our national democratic society.

We again ask the question, what is our recourse under these circumstances of the Malalas and their media.

Aluta continua!


An ugly and dangerous rant
Paul Trewhela
10 October 2010

The ruling party's online weekly journal, ANC Today, has issued a rant worthy of Adolf Hitler himself against the truth-seeking journalist Justice Malala, in its drive to liberate the media in South Africa from unwelcome news about the predator elite. "A Looter Continua!" it (almost) concluded this hate-filled stream of invective.

If I were Justice Malala, I really would worry, following this rant, whether I would wake up tomorrow morning in my own home or in the hands of party/state bullies sent to teach me a lesson.

Malala's crime, in the eyes of ANC Today, is that in his Monday morning column in The Times last week (4 October), he committed the unforgivable sin. He compared the ruling party's drive to control the media through a Media Appeals Tribunal, as well as the baseless and groundless detention by police of the Sunday Times investigative journalist Mzilkazi wa Afrika, to the brutal treatment dished out in exile to its own critical members at the hands of its former security department, iMbokodo, "the grindstone", and their fate in its Quatro concentration camp.
(. . .)

My own response, "In appreciation of Justice Malala", was posted on the TimesLIVE website on 7 October, written in the light of what I had published or written myself about iMbokodo and Quatro over the past 20 years. I made this contribution to the debate as a former banned journalist under the media control laws of the apartheid regime, and as the co-editor of a banned magazine, Searchlight South Africa, which published in exile the earliest first-hand, detailed account of Quatro concentration camp.



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