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The heterosexual agenda

Cobus Fourie - 2009-08-18

In a basement of an unusually inconspicuous building an intrepid bunch of militant heterosexuals plot their next move. The gays are taking over, they say. Yes, and they prey on our children, someone else says. All nod in self-righteous agreement. They close ranks. Of course they don’t close information highways – it is an efficient method of spreading nefarious fallacies and to recruit gay people because they are not content with just ninety per cent.


Here is where my anti-nausea medication taken as prophylaxis wears off and I feel deeply disturbed. Yet the short text above is just a tiny peek into what propaganda is disseminated against the LGBTIQ community en masse every single day. Millions of gullible people feed on this fodder and charlatans like “Dr” Paul Cameron churn it out with a fervour you will never see in this world. America has long ago lost it title of "home of the brave and land of the free" – it is now seen mainly as the land of the origins of great bigotry. A sad sentiment, since a few million very commendable persons live there and they are confronted with this tripe. The other sad fact is their First Amendment makes it impossible to seek redress in such cases of hate speech and defamation and enticement of violence and hatred. We all know hatred kills.

The venerable Wayne Besen, founder of the American group Truth Wins Out, wrote a thought-provoking piece on incitement of violence through words on 12 August 2009 – "Stirring The Pot Until It Boils Over":

Sometimes, words can kill. A vocabulary carefully crafted into lethal lies almost always foreshadows fatalities.

... [L]et’s not pretend such irresponsible words and behavior does not have casualties and consequences. We can best celebrate free speech and assembly by freely choosing not to incite or assemble irate mobs that lack control or any normal sense of inhibition.

In South Africa the most hateful, morbidly logic-defying, morally reprehensible and nefarious book was published called The Pink Agenda: Sexual Revolution in South Africa and the Ruin of the Family, by Christine McCafferty with Peter Hammond. This was, of course, published "in house" by Christian Liberty Books for Africa Christian Action, since no other reputable publisher will publish such blatant hate. The Film and Publications Board (FPB) came very close to banning this piece of trash, which would have made it the first banned book in the New South Africa. The FPB decided to rate the book R18 – restricted for sale to over 18s only. In my humble opinion that nefarious junk in the guise of religion should never have seen the light of day, and were I a preacher I would have condemned the authors for dragging my faith into the most abysmal cesspit. And their nefarious gripe goes on and on ad nauseam.

It seems these fundamentalists are hell bent on proselytising everyone to their brand of merciless spirituality, and of course they need a scapegoat ...

Jim Burroway from the equally venerable Box Turtle Bulletin wrote a 36-page parody called The heterosexual agenda: exposing the myths. It was clearly indicated as a parody and social experiment. His booklet makes for fascinating reading and is blissfully tongue-in-cheek. The LGBTIQ community has a sense of humour; alas, the bigots really believe the reprehensible claptrap they write, often under the guise of science – I call it pseudo-science.

During an Exodus International-attended “ex-gay” conference in Uganda, as extensively covered by Box Turtle Bulletin, the roots of homophobia as an export product became increasingly apparent – we have the Americans to blame (who else?).

And all of this began when three Americans – Exodus board president Don Schmierer, Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively, and Richard Cohen Protege Caleb Lee Brundidge – spoke at a conference in Kampala in early March and endorsed proposals to strengthen Uganda’s criminal code which bans homosexual acts with a lifetime sentence, with the penalty of compelling gays and lesbians into forced therapy.

The story makes for disturbing reading quite reminiscent of a nightmare.

Information on Scott Lively will make this a ravishing read: "During the conference in Uganda, Lively added a new twist, blaming the 1994 Rwanda genocide on gay men.”

Scott Lively, the ultimate half-wit, came to prominence with the publishing of his hate-ridden book called The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party.

In it, he contends that "the Nazi Party was entirely controlled by militaristic male homosexuals throughout its short history." A brief outline of his book is presented on the LeadershipU web site. His book is also available for free online in its entirety, and it was also offered for sale at the Uganda conference, with Lively referring to it throughout his talk.

The essence of Lively’s thesis is this: The Nazi party’s idealized view of masculinity was a significant draw to "butch" homosexuals. He cites as his principle [sic] evidence the rumored homosexuality of Ernst Roehm, the leader of the early Nazi paramilitary group known as the Brownshirts. Lively claims the Brownshirts trace their origins to the Wandervogel youth movements, which he says was "dominated and controlled by the pederasts … and its leadership was rife with homosexuality." Lively also claims that Adolph Hitler was probably gay and a homosexual prostitute while in Vienna (the unsubstantiated phrases like "probably homosexual", "almost certainly homosexual", "may well have been homosexual", and "it is assumed" pop up with astonishing regularity in his book) – while elsewhere say Lively concludes that Hitler was "probably not" gay. But in either case, he concluded that Hitler "knowingly and intentionally surrounded himself with practicing homosexuals from his youth."

Lively adds that "There is no question that homosexuality figures prominently in the history of the Holocaust", saying that German gays were eager to target Jews for extinction because of Judaism’s traditional prohibition against homosexuality. He doesn’t explain why Christianity’s traditional prohibition against homosexuality – which held a far greater moral influence throughout Europe – was ignored.

As for the estimated 15,000 gay men who were sent to concentration camps under Germany’s notorious Paragraph 175, Lively contends that the Nazis almost never used the law against actual gay men (the law was silent on lesbians), claiming that most of those who were convicted weren’t gay, but political enemies. Or if they were gay, then it was because they were effeminate. He writes, "There is evidence to suggest that only the effeminate homosexuals were mistreated under the Nazi regime – and usually at the hands of masculine homosexuals." In fact, Lively is very fascinated by what he considers ‘the enduring Butch/Femme conflict among German homosexuals."

The very few historians who have bothered to take his book seriously have dismissed it out of hand. They point out that most of Lively’s source material comes from Nazi political opponents, and that it was a common practice in Germany’s political culture to charge that one’s political opponents were overrun by homosexuals. Before coming to power, Nazis themselves used this [sic] tactics against the Wiemar Republic as well as against their Bolshevik and Socialist opponents. And they weren’t alone. Social Democrats, Conservatives, Bolsheviks, Socialists, Liberals and Centrists all used the same charges against the Nazis, as well as against each other, often with little or no reality behind the charges.

Lively, however used only one set of those charges – those against the Nazis – and ignored the political context to maintain that the Nazis were overrun with homosexuals, specifically "Butch" gay men. He only raises the specter of "baseless charges" when discussing the evidence that the Nazis themselves persecuted gays throughout their reign of terror.

Lively’s book also goes beyond Nazi Germany, claiming that Nazis’ murderous tendencies wasn’t [sic] an aberration of homosexuals’ power, but a natural consequence of it. "From the ashes of Nazi Germany," he writes, "the homo-fascist Phoenix has arisen again — this time in the United States." He claims that "eight of the top ten serial killers in the United States were homosexual, and that homosexuals were responsible for 68% of all mass murders."

Need I even talk about the aftermath of that horrid anti-gay conference of March 2009? SA GLAAD denounced the conference, but as far as I know, no other single African, or South African LGBTIQ organisation for that matter, said a word.

As one would expect, a massacre sprouted from the hate-ridden conference. The already beleaguered LGBTIQ community live under much strife and mobs maim and kill many LGBTIQ people, and our South African government is blissfully ignorant and silent.

Does it come as any surprise?