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Reel time: Coraline 3D

Reney Warrington - 2009-05-20

I don't do horror. Prison Break scares me. So did Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm a real sissy, I know. It is surprising, then, that I went to see Coraline when the mere trailer had me petrified. It just looked so damn incredible that I couldn't miss it.

That was the first disappointing aspect of this film. The trailer made it out to be more haunting and gothic than it turned out to be. Sure, the film might scare a couple of three-year-olds, but I remained seated and relaxed at all times. Once you get past the first character with buttons for eyes, it's kinda old news.

Coraline also lacks spunk. It does comment on the state of the modern family, commentary that is sorely needed, but there's nothing fresh or exciting about the message or the way it is delivered.

If you compare it with the awe-inspiring and "biting" manner in which WALL-E commented on humanity / global warming / conservation, Coraline falls short. Who will forget the image of humans who have "evolved" into not being able to walk, because of their gluttony and greed?

The biggest problem, though, with Coraline is that it has no "heart". You don't feel what the characters feel. I found myself marvelling at the animation and fidgeting with my 3D glasses. In other words I was not drawn into the film. I felt more emotionally connected to the hamster Rhino in Bolt.

On the positive side, the stop-motion animation is brilliant! That is surely the highlight of the film. Add the 3D effects, with 3D glasses which actually work, and the film is groundbreaking on an animation level.

It was just not enough for me.