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Candy, a devastating diamond of a film


Official Selection, Berlin 2006, Competition.
Directed by:
Neil Armfield

Produced by: Margaret Fink and Emile Sherman 
Studio: ThinkFilm Inc. 
Based on the novel by Luke Davies
Writer/s: Neil Armfield (screenplay) and Luke Davies (screenplay & novel) 
Cast: Abbie Cornish as Candy, Heath Ledger as Dan, Geoffrey Rush as Casper, Damon Herriman as Roger Moylan and Roberto Meza-Mont as Jorge
Running time: 106 min
Age respriction: 16 L
Release date: 15 December at Cinema Nouveau, screened by Jameson.

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Who plays the role of Candy in this movie?

“It seems to me that Neil [the director] has made this very sad, very tight film, an absolute diamond of a film, everything stripped back to the central core – which is, at heart, a love story.” - Luke Davies (Writer)

"Candy is morally ambiguous. Like the best art, the issues at the core of it are neither black nor white but take you to a place of moral complexity." - Emile Sherman (Producer)

"Candy is funny, frightening and beautiful all at the same time" - Megan Spencer (Triple J Radio)

Candy is a beautiful young painter intoxicated by love and the desire for the abandonment to pleasure. It is an intoxication only she and her lover, Dan, can understand, and they care only for its increase. In this dangerous combination of love and heroin they find the limitlessness they seek and their future together seems unshakable. But when they have nothing left to exchange for heroin Candy sells her body, and Dan lets her. It is the beginning of the unravelling of their Paradise.

Consumed by their ever-growing habit and intense addiction to each other they reaffirm their bond through marriage. Candy's parents look on in desperation as they are helpless to save her from the headlong dive into hell. With each passing day the lines between the rapture of Candy and Dan's love and their heroin addiction become more blurred.

Their triangle of addiction, coupled with devastating lows and highs, drives Candy from the edge into rehab and away from the disempowered Dan. Separation from the one person that meant everything to him, Dan find a new clarity. He understands that this is Candy's second chance.


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