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The winds of change doth blow again.....

Annie - 2008-11-10

First in USA where the masses have shown their government that change is desperately due and now here in RSA. Perhaps the "new" political party will be able to break the stranglehold that the current government has on all things and deliver... for a change anyway.

But then again, the more things change the more they stay the same.

Is this all just pie in the sky, a false dawn?

Anything would be better than the current riptide of corruption, poor service delivery and the grinding poverty citizens of this "utopia" face on a daily basis.

You will notice I did not mention crime. I recently had to deal with another burglary even though my sanctuary is virtually impenetrable. Crime is the driving force of the youth of this country. Easy money, easy rewards, little effort.

The current regime promises 5 000 000 people new jobs - with what money and where? Once 2010 is over and done with, we will become just another banana republic somewhere in Africa.

Does the youth even know what work is?

Perhaps it is time to seriously consider my son's offer and relocate!