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The melting pot

Annie - 2008-10-28

There is no remedy, so there is no easy fix for the problem. The fact of the matter is and probably will always be, there are not enough English-speaking South Africans who are aware of this website, who take the time to read the various contributions and are prepared to participate - the English side of LitNet "SpeakEasy", while dead easy, is dead in the water.

So dear kind editor, please stop this discrimination - throw the whole lot into the melting pot and let it be. We are, after all, the rainbow nation, so why would we have "separate facilities" for the various language groups? Hopefully you are not practiSing a form of "separate development"?

If we are brave enough to spout forth, then surely we are brave enough to handle the criticism, if any, and maybe, just maybe, we can give as good as we get. Should be interesting, don't you think?

"En toe skielik is die rooinekke reg hier tussen ons en sowaar, hulle lug nog hul opinies ook. Skandelik!"