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Bafana Bafana

Annie (nie Klopper nie) - 2008-09-11

We are a soccer nation. Regardless of what politicians, advertising agencies and various others have to say, the majority of the people in this country enjoy a good game of soccer.

You will notice that I have used the word "good", and so it should be. We expect to be entertained.

And yet, even though we pay exorbitant fees to employ various imported and local coaches, our national team is a joke. A huge joke and not a very funny one at that!

The local teams are better organised, motivated and supported by their numerous fans.

At this stage, a good high school team would be a better bet for the 2010 Soccer World Cup Tournament, as it would appear that we may be the only host country in the history of the games not to have taken part. You will notice that I did not even mention not scoring a goal.

Why is this the case when we have more talent and funds available than most of the other African countries? Is it our lack of foresight, our greed or our inability to work as a team towards a major goal?

One of our soon to be ex-ministers had the gall to announce, in public nogal, that the majority of the white people in this country do not support our 2010 efforts and definitely not our national team. I would like to add to that and say that judging from the attendance figures, not many black people support our national team either. The team is an embarrassment and we have become the laughing stock of other African countries. In some places - no names mentioned - our team has been nicknamed Buffoona Buffoona.

Either we find a way to build a proper team quickly or face humiliation.

And to think that my tax money is being used to support this ...

Annie (nie Klopper nie)