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In response to Kitchener

JMT Labuschagne - 2008-08-26

Kitchener's response doesn't say much about the fact that Afrikaners are being singled out for criticism regarding Apartheid. I think Mr Kitchener is mistaken: Afrikaner identity is being equated by the regime with Apartheid. Whenever Afrikaners gather for a volksfees, it is immediately interpreted as a harking back to the old days and a threat to national security. It is not only absurd but also an infringement on our rights to a racial identity which is not only enshrined in our Constitution, but is also a right in terms of natural law. You never see any criticism towards the English regarding their national identity. You never see any report exposing white English-speaking South Africans as racists (and having worked with them for 10 years I can tell you many of them are). Why the discrepancy? It is racial discrimination in its essence. I get the feeling English media want to divert the attention from their inherently colonial history by always slandering Afrikaners. Maybe Mr Kitchener still holds the old British colonial attitude towards Afrikaners that they are backward subhumans ...?

(Tone softened - Sonja Badenhorst)