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In response to bblonde/blondie

Kitchener - 2008-08-22

Dear Little Dog

It is an assumption to say English (you mean English-speaking) South Africans enjoyed the spoils of apartheid and were never ridiculed and abused as racist as the Afrikaners were. While this statement can be disputed for the moment it might be worth examining the context in which as you suggest "Afrikaners stand accused" (also problematic as a statement because of its generalisation).

Let’s rather suggest that if there are Afrikaners who might think they stand accused and that English speakers do not (to the same degree) then the lesson from this is that young Afrikaners’ forebears who were card-carrying members of a political party that institutionalised a harsh system are bearing the brunt. This is unfair, but the fact remains, history is remorseless. While "we are our memories", the guilt trip is another matter and need certainly not play a role as long as our actions and thoughts enable use to proceed toward restorative justice. You assume the have-nots show bitterness after the plastic democracy event, but one cannot be too sure that their energies are directed against the Afrikaners, as they might well be towards members of a complex sectionalised society. Time will tell.