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Conflict of interest: two Annies

Ellie - 2008-08-21

I have been using the pseudonym Annie for quite some time and have enjoyed being the sole provider for Speakeasy's "Annie’s Page”.

I have since discovered, however, that the new assistant at LitNet is also, for her sins, christened Annie. Now this poor girl child has had to suffer for my outspoken and sometimes outdated opinions. For this I apologise most profusely.

So I have had to emerge from my hiding place and find a new mask.

Not easy, but it needs to be done and finding a new vantage point has taken much thought.
So today I stand unmasked and have decided that to hell with it, I will be using my nickname.

So goodbye Annie, hello Ellie. If there are any staff members at LitNet who object, please advise me.