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Honest answer for the blonde

Ellie /Annie (maar nie Klopper nie) - 2008-08-21

Do you really expect me to give an honest opinion in a public forum and in writing?
My ancestors would haunt me and my attorney would excuse himself. So the best I am willing to do is give you a few words and you can draw your own conclusions.

Firstly, the word hypocrite comes to mind. The Ingelse have a way of doing “things” and pretending that nothing really happened. Remember that the more things change the more they stay the same.

The second word is, of course, martyrs. The Afrikaner must learn to walk away from the things in the past. So what if you are blamed for every ill that haunts this country. In a few years' time there will be a different scapegoat and your ancestors' “sins” will be forgiven and forgotten.

The previous government handed over a well-run and developed country to the heirs who are apparently not able to keep up the standards.

There is, of course, the old argument that the Afrikaner strove for political power and the Ingelsman for monetary and commercial power. Both achieved their goals built on each other’s backs.

Anyhow, moving on, I am no longer writing as Annie. The new assistant at LitNet has been taking a lot of flak as her baptismal name is (unfortunately?) Annie. So from now one I will be Ellie.

How long does this amnesty thing last anyway?


Ellie /Annie (maar nie Klopper nie)