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woef woef ... voetsek ... tjank tjank

bblonde/blondie - 2008-08-21

Hi Annie

How come you salute bblonde but abuse bblondie with a voetsek? Perhaps if you could read Siener in the suburbs's letter to Jan Rap, you might understand my ambivalent feelings towards the "wessas".

As we are under a new edict, I offer my hand in friendship and retract any remarks you deemed offensive.

Could I ask a question? How come English South Africans enjoyed the spoils of apartheid but were never ridiculed and abused as racist as we Afrikaners are? Why is it that Britain never owned up to the legacy and destruction colonisation caused? If I as an Afrikaner stand accused for the historical collective wrongs of my tribe, why should it be different for you?

Ellie Weasel said: "We are our memories." In that I can understand the havenots' bitterness 14 years after the plastic democracy event.

See, I was not abusive and would appreciate if you would give me honest answers.

Yours truly

bblonde/blondie, or if you prefer, "dog"