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Amnesty / truce

Annie - 2008-08-19

Amnesty has been declared and has been accepted by most of us. However, it is rather difficult suddenly to have to refrain from passing rude and insulting remarks, albeit in a “friendly” fashion. I find that having to be gracious and sincere requires digging deep into an unexplored well of human kindness.

This has forced me to consider my daily behaviour and to my shame I have found it to be lacking.

So, I decided that if I could do it in print I could practise this new “me” in real life. The returns have been amazing. Smiles, greetings from total strangers, new contact with old friends and colleagues have been forthcoming and I have to admit, my life is suddenly lighter and brighter.

Thank you Melt and crew!



PS bblondie still gets to me, but I am working on that!