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Crime statistics

Elvina - 2008-08-19

Once again, two young men have fallen.

One lies cold in a mortuary and the other cold in a prison cell.

Somewhere out there are parents, and in particular mothers, who are shocked and in pain. Questions are unanswered and emotions are confused. Denial, grief and deep, inconsolable pain is how they started this day.

How and why did this happen? they ask themselves, but there are no answers. Each has to bear her cross in her own way and pray for guidance.

Two young men are lost. The event has changed the lives of their parents, their siblings and various others forever.

You carry a child beneath your heart for nine months and dream of what they might achieve. Not once do you even contemplate any difficulty, or that tragedy awaits the child. Then suddenly and without warning, your child is lost forever, is now a crime statistic. You are faced with this knowledge and know that it will scar you for life. Guilt, sorrow and heartache have carved their marks on your heart and mind and they are terrible loads to bear.

There are many more mothers out there in this ravaged country of ours that also deserve my empathy and prayers, but they are faceless and unknown and bear their troubles quietly and alone. They deserve so much more, but we are currently in a transition period where violence seems to be the solution to problems. Many more tears are going to flow along with the blood of young people before we finally reach a stage where we say enough is enough.

My candles are burning and the gentle perfume they emit carries my prayers to all mothers in this crime-riddled country.