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Lone Ranger

bblondie - 2008-08-11

Dear Annie

LitNet should put you on their payroll. Like a true Settler, you face hostile odds. I am surprised at your knowledge of Boer practices, eg cattle breeding. Your betrayal of your language, as a mere tool of communication is refreshing. Obviously the Inquisitor does not share that sentiment.

Reusedwerg was not trying to be fresh, we Afrikaners like to kiss, ask our maids. You stick to your guns, my dear Anglicised Racheltjie (de Beer), someday you might conquer us bitches. You propose we play Vereeniging-Vereeniging? What would the price and prize for that peace be? The spoils of the land are in the hands of its legitimate owners, thanks to BEE. Do you suggest a flag ceremony, where we raise and lower our different flags as a gesture of goodwill and perhaps defiance? Lucky for us the old oranje, blanje, blou will do as your standard feature in there somewhere as well. After all, we are also labelled Settlers, waiting to bite the bullet.

God save your Queen and perhaps our souls!