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reusedwerg: tonsils et al

Annie - 2008-07-29

tonsil aerobics may be part of your heritage, but deep down you have to admit that it can be a bit over the top. we can choose our friends but not our relatives.

jy kan die gesoenery maar vir jouself hou - i am not interested.

as for the family tree, well, I have to admit that mine was such a hodge-podge mess that some kind soul chopped it down and used it for a braai.

there is no-one in this country, regardless of colour or creed, that can claim not to have a bit of mixed blood in their gene pool. whether german, norwegian, french, khoi-san, coloured, whatever, and it is exactly that mad mixture that makes us who we are.

and the bit about the bull - what a load of bull! try again! afrikaner bulls are docile plodders, brahman are temperamental, jerseys volatile, charolais steak on a hoof, and the masai cattle ugly.