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Tonsil aerobics

Reusedwerg - 2008-07-29

Hi Annie, what is wrong with a bit of tonsil aerobics? When I was younger I was kissed stupid by aunties and older cousins. Never mind the kissing or practice cousins.

One of my gang members and I talk a lot about the so-called Afrikaner. We have our own views and interpretations of what an Afrikaner is. Unfortunately, when you are Afrikaans speaking you have a lot of labels to content with. Some of us are still fighting the war (Anglo-Boer). That’s who we are. The Afrikaners are fighting amongst themselves, but don’t get involved with their fights. The typical scenario of a family fight, when the police come to stop it the policeman is the common enemy. We are a different breed. Contrary to popular belief there is nothing wrong with us. We are branded as “rock spiders” and a variety of other names, but amongst us we have Afrikaner royalty ("Afrikaner-adel"). We are a combination of various European nations (I don’t have to tell you that). I think the problem is there might be too many French genes in some of us. I studied a bit of my ancestry and I am a combination of Norwegian and German.

I hope that helps you to understand. Don’t worry about the Afrikaners. We will overcome and survive. It might take a while, but we will get there. By the way, the Afrikaner breed is a good breed to strengthen your herd. It is tough and will adapt to any condition. The bulls are hardworking with usually high semen counts and the cows are very good mothers. Don’t muck around with the bull.