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dear bbblondie

Annie - 2008-07-23

why the alliterative bbbbb? does blonde ambition need more than one letter in order to make it understandable or is it just a matter of faulty fingers ... either way, it does not make any difference.

as for switching off the lights, no such luck! stiff upper lip and carry on regardless. your sarcasm is all that i needed to restart, so much as it galls one, i thank you. snottiness is a matter of opinion and yours does not really carry much weight. the in-fighting and insults hurled about with such alacrity on the afrikaans side do not really endear the "mixed" descendants to any other than themselves.

and as for mixed marriages, south africa did not invent them but merely copied them and did not do such a good job of it either.

in any event, please feel free to dig up whatever and publish it on this particular site.