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Greetings Anvile

De Waal Venter - 2008-06-19

Thanks for your communication. I'm sending you this message via LitNet as they have the contact details of all thinking entities in the universe in their data banks (a much smaller data bank than that for the non-thinking entities).

I'm very interested in how your society is organised. Ours isn't ... much.

We've been using fuels derived from fossilised plants. This causes a steady build-up of carbon in the atmosphere, which is threatening to upset the climate with the potential to destroy our civilisation.

So we've stopped using these fuels?

No. We're increasing production of the fossil fuels. Why? It's an attempt to keep prices low. We prefer to smother the planet cheaply instead of paying a lot for the privilege.

No other energy sources? Oh yes, quite a few. The most abundant one we mostly ignore. Our sun pours down more energy on every square hoink (I'm using your measurement so that you can grasp the concept better) per minute (or yadel, in your terminology) than a medium-sized town uses in a day.

We're living in a continuous flood of usable energy that most people don't recognise as such. There is a small-scale attempt to utilise it, though. Some people use it to produce hot water and they're beginning to generate electricity with it.

Have you managed to evolve a more sensible energy policy? I'd like to know about it.

You mentioned the "word collections" that you find attractive. I'm sending you a collection herewith. It contains practical and useful advice. I hope you can make good use of it.
And particularly over the Feast of Eating Potato Peels. Here is the word collection:

How to get into heaven

Falling into conversation
with a minor angel,
I learned quite a bit
about rugby.
The angel only had
a hundred years
to talk to me,
and still a lot to do,
so we changed the subject
to spiritual matters.
According to the angel
heaven is a modern place,
more advanced, in fact,
than the latest here on earth.
And in order to get in
you have to book
by reading the right books,
and, more importantly,
understand the ununderstandable.
Then sift through all you've read,
the angel said.
In there is a piece of entry code.