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For de Waal Venter

Anivle - 2008-06-17

Greetings earthling

This is written in response to your letter to Annie (rather a dear child, but still so naïve as to imagine that sending an e-mail to LitNet would get through where no earthling apart from yourself has as yet. Anyhow, moving on …).

Funny that you should mention getting through to that other place, Filliflop (?). Had friends there a few years ago but they proved to be rather flippant so I just let the friendship falter and ultimately fail.

Perhaps you could send out some form of communication our way? Planet is the yellow one quite close to the orange and blue one (not the one with the stripes, the other one). This planet of ours would ultimately suit word warriors such as yourself as we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate. So if you ever feel the need to vacate your planet, please feel free to join us.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future. Please, we have experienced some of your entertainment (is the rather garish wrestling one of yours?) and would appreciate if you could not let that through but rather some of your rather splendid word collections.

I hope that this reaches you.


(Senior Associate)