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Johnny Boskak is Feeling Funny

Janet van Eeden - 2006-10-03

Greig Coetzee is such a pleasure to watch. His masterful performance in this award-winning play deserves every accolade it has received so far. Credit is also due to Genna Lewis for her intelligent direction in a piece which could have been limited through its adherence to rhyming couplets. It is a tour de force – aided by the masterful Syd Kitchen creating a dramatic sound track on stage throughout – creating a Boere Baroque Opera.

Johnny Boskak is Coetzee’s edgiest and nastiest creation by far, and it is remarkable that one cares about this character enough to hope that he and his beloved Eve make it through to a happily-ever-after. It is also a feat of note to see how Coetzee fills the character of Eve with such sizzling sex appeal that one can virtually visualise the femme fatale’s cleavage in the dress she is almost wearing. Younger performers should watch Coetzee to get an idea of how to inhabit a character completely, even if she is a sultry siren miles away from the down-to-earth Coetzee’s own persona. Bravo Coetzee. Bravo.