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The Pick n Pay | LitNet Virtual Shopping Basket: Mathilda Walters's pasta recipe

Mathilda Walters - 2008-03-26

Pour some Pick n Pay no-name Extra Virgin Olive oil into a nice big frying pan.

Take a sip of ANY of the nice Landskroon wines like a Sauvignon Blanc.

Slice the Pick n Pay Foodhall mushrooms, the peppers and break the broccoli into nice small trees. Fry in the olive oil. Add some Veggie spice. Take it out of the pan.

Put the bacon and Pick n Pay choice chicken breast (cut into strips) into the pan and stir. Sprinkle some Ina Paarmans spices (also bought at Pick n Pay) and some chicken spice over it. When nice and soft add the mushroom, peppers and broccoli.

Take one tin of Pick n Pay no-name cream, add a packet of Pick n Pay no-name Cream of Mushroom soup powder and add into the pan. Stir for 6 minutes.

Take Pick n Pay no-name pasta (penne) and boil in water with some salt.

Toss the pasta into a nice big pasta dish. Add the chicken, bacon, mushroom, broccoli and peppers which are nicely settled!

To round it off, toss some slices of Pick & Pay choice feta in on top.

Serve with a nicely chilled glass of LANDSDROON CHARDONNAY!

Bon Apetit!!!

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