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The Pick 'n Pay | LitNet Virtual Shopping Basket


Pick 'n Pay have teamed up with LitNet to offer this exciting new competition in our Food and Wine section. The Pick 'n Pay | LitNet Virtual Shopping Basket allows you to be as creative as you can be with 10 products from Pick 'n Pay and send us the recipes for your inspired 3-course meals.

The products will change monthly and each month there is a Pick 'n Pay shopping voucher up for grabs for the best entry. The best recipe will also feature on the Pick 'n Pay website.

How the competition works:

  • Every month Pick 'n Pay will select 10 products found in-store that you will have to use, along with other ingredients from the grocery cupboard and your own kitchen, to create a complete 3-course meal.

  • Note: All 10 items do not have to be used but the meal must consist of 3 courses.

  • Each meal (or course, if you prefer) must be accompanied by one of the wines on our monthly winelist.

  • In order to win the Pick 'n Pay shopping voucher and have your meal menu published on the Pick 'n Pay website you will need to email us the complete recipe for the meal you created using those 10 products as well as a photograph of at least one of the dishes you prepared. (If you don't have a camera please email us and let us know - your recipes are still welcome!)

  • Pick 'n Pay will select the monthly winner.

  • Only the 3 recipes for the starter, main course and dessert containing of the 10 Pick 'n Pay products need to be supplied. Side dishes you recommend be served with your meal but do not include any of the ingredients need only be mentioned as a serving suggestion.

  • You will receive "brownie points" for including tips on preparing the dishes, side dish recommendations, tasting notes and photographs.

  • You may enter as many times as you like, but unfortunately well-known foodies will be excluded from winning the prizes. All recipes, however, will be published.

  • Recipes must be original. LitNet and Pick 'n Pay take no responsibility for recipe authenticity.

  • Click here for the 10 products for this month. Entries for this round close provisionally on 22 October 2007.

    To enter, email your recipes, in English or Afrikaans, and your photograph to food@litnet.co.za.