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Wild eclectic mix from the State Theatre

Anton Krueger - 2007-08-06

Kaffer Paradys – Ten ways to kill a president

This show is as chaotic as South Africa itself. In a hectic total onslaught, five men take on everything and everyone: masculinity, femininity, power, politics, religion, oppression, suppression, amnesty, sex, torture, forgiveness, the new black elite, the old guard, Afrikaner Calvinism, black corruption. It’s a non-linear, multimedia experimental satire which is bound to cause some controversy. The tone is raw, even brutal in places, as it presents a gritty account of current realities. It displays the confusing mishmash of identities which make up South African society, without arriving at any clear-cut conclusions. Some of the lighter sketches are also very funny.   

The production is directed by Clive Mathibe, though it is reminiscent of the work of both State Theatre art director Aubrey Sekhabi and resident playwright Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom in its blunt, uncompromising approach. This is a style of theatre that’s becoming associated with the new State Theatre as it develops its own particular blend of ensemble acting, social commentary and raw realism.