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Traditional Afrikaans Fare on the Fringe

Anton Krueger - 2007-08-06

Krismis van Map Jacobs

Since 1965, when Adam Small's Kanna Hy Kô Hystoe became part of the South African canon, Small has remained one of the most beloved of Afrikaner poets and playwrights. I enjoyed this revival of Krismis, partly because it was the first full-length, full-cast production I’ve seen on the Fringe so far this year. Worcester Theatre Productions carry off the tale of the return to society of the murderer Map Jacobs with a range of entirely believable characters who are caught up in a conflicted community.

Perhaps my attention span has been damaged by having been subjected to one too many 50-minute productions, but I did think that some of the longer monologues might have been pared down. Also, I didn’t quite understand what happened at the end of the play. After a long build-up, the question of whether or not Map Jacobs had managed to reform was still in the balance, when something very important happened – though I’m not quite sure what it was. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for some Afrikaans fare in a more traditional vein, then this may do it for you.