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Malika Ndlovu - 2011-07-05

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This poem is too sacred to be spoken
Too immense to be condensed into words     
Too potent to be diluted by a language
Living in my mouth since childhood
Yet still remains foreign to my being
Cannot be named my mother tongue
This poem comes like a dream unbidden
Uncensored, unexpected, uncontrived
A poem not even a deep sleeping poet
Could concoct, plot or beg to arrive
This poem is the indefinable
Unconfinable essence of all true poetry
It need not be written, has lived longer
Than the mountains and lingering stars
It captures every pattern in every palm
In every sky, every life cycle and family tree
Every human fallen, every newborn’s breath
This poem is the source of all joy
Of all aspiration and inspiration
The well of all kinds of tears
Real or imagined fears
This poem bends to meet the soul listener’s ear
And whispers: I am ... I have always been here
Come, come ... enter.