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Another version

Kobus Moolman - 2011-05-26

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Another version
Of the same road

And it was raining
And they had stopped to help
                               But their infant was asleep in the back
And there was a silence over all
And then someone was calling
                              In between the glass and the metal
And out of the early morning mist  
And that was when their dread arrived
                              That was what made them get out
And though there was nothing they could do
And though they had no choice but to do it
                              Dazzled by so much blood and glass
And so forward across the oil and the fuel
And forward and away and toward their dread
                              When behind them around the corner
And around the corner at top speed
And looking behind them they could only
                              And only watch
And they watched and he watched
And they watched and she watched through wide open hands
                             Approaching in slow motion
And braking and sliding and then
And then they had watched it all
                             Then it was the past tense of everything
And she was a pillar of salt at the side of the road
And he was a stone feeling for the rest of what passed for time between them, what it felt like not to ever feel again.