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Untying the knots

Hale Tsehlana - 2011-04-26

Untying the knots

I write to untie the knots
that lump my throat
turning into splitting headaches
when I could simply say fuck off but I can’t
because I am an African woman
and my mouth must not be foul.

I write to wipe the tears
as pages of pain
scroll from my thumbs
smudging my mascara.

I write myself into time.
I write that they may know
I became even stronger,
when my heart was broken
by culture, church,
and civilization.

I write to share with you the quiet
revolution raging inside my brain.
I write to celebrate my triumph
over poverty, murderers and rapists.
I write to celebrate myself.

I write because it is time to celebrate lessons learned
from the mire of womanhood. 

© Hale Tsehlana (2006). Poems and Songs from the Mire.